Sadie Olivia

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American Latina/ Alt Tattooed Playmate/ Skilled Healing Hands/ Authentic Domina


I am not your typical All-American girl, I’m sultry, kinky and uninhibited. Though I am American born and bred, My Mexican heritage is to thank for my Caramel brown skin, big deep brown eyes, my pretty face framed by long thick, dark wavy locks that fall onto my modest perky chest. Soft skin and sinful Latina curves to match.


My aesthetic is a bit dark, mysterious and alternative. You’ll find me clad in long flowy dresses or form fitting garments that accentuate my luscious curves. I am heavily decorated with intricate and interesting tattoos and adorned in all high quality gold body jewellery, unique charms and crystals. My look is enchanting and exotic.


I am well traveled, exciting, and articulate. English is my first language, though I’d love to whisper sweet nothings to you in Spanish. In my free time, I love to adventure through London, visiting all the unique cultures each borough uncovers, have a walk along the marshes or through the many lovely parks, and visit the many markets around town in search of unique trinkets, beautiful textiles. As I myself am a singing musician, sometimes I fancy a local music concert. I enjoy getting lost in a book or a good podcast. I love political and erotic art. I love learning and dabbling in new hobbies.


If you haven’t gathered this yet, I am a transient and exploratory spirit.


I also delight in exploring the many sides of my sexuality and it would be my pleasure to explore yours with you. I am fun, playful and sensual with a bit of sass but also, dominant and merciless when it is required of me, and I quite enjoy it as I am naturally dominant leaning.


I am invested in creating a space for mutual respect and pleasure


I am always reliable, clean, safe, sane, consensual and discreet and I expect the same in return.


I am multifaceted and adaptable in nature, It is my aim to please, to fulfil your fantasies

About Sadie

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