Sadie Olivia

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American Latina/ Alt Tattooed Playmate/ Skilled Healing Hands/ Authentic Domina



Do you have a lot on your plate, but find yourself still dying to play with me? One hour with me is the perfect amount of time for a busy gentleman like yourself. The perfect little teaser of my playfully naughty side or of my impressive kink skills. Ideal for us whether we are just beginning to get know each other. If we’ve met before, this is a great way to reconnect. In this session, we’ll surely have a taste of each others bodies and desires.  This is my minimum booking requirement.


Tribute: $300





With the bit of extra time we can explore a lot more. This leaves us a little more time to get comfortable and revel in ecstasy with each other.


Tribute: $450





The passion persists. With a 2 hour booking we can take our time and get to know each other more deeply. Let intense pleasure ensue. Our meetings can be more calculated, more creative and more intimate. If you have found yourself addicted the chemistry we have created and needing more,  stay with me a bit longer, why don’t you. There’s no need to rush. Take your time with me. Journey into profound bliss.


Tribute $600


Up to 4 hours


Have I seduced you with my intoxicating energy? Let’s become familiar with each other. No need to count the minutes. We have plenty of time. Release anxiety and inhibitions. Don’t worry about where you need to be later. Unwind with me. Become deeply immersed in debaucherous splendor.


Tribute $950



Up to 6 hours


Let’s get luxurious and spoil ourselves with each other’s company. Here we can spend some quality time, enjoy a meal together (privately or socially) and have some stimulating conversation and some naughty fun in no particular order!

Anything from 4-6 hours of my time must include a meal together.


Tribute $1,200


6-8 hours (overnight)


An overnight session gives us the option to become more passionate, more intimate, more deeply involved in our pleasure. To sleep next to one another and feel cared for and connected.

All the fun and a wind down together. This must include at LEAST 3 hours of restful sleep time.


Tribute £1,800


*My rates are non-negotiable.*





I am currently in Chicago! xx



Rates & Availability

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